LOD 2020 an On-Site & On-Line Conference!

LOD 2020 is going HYBRID!

LOD 2020 an On-Site & On-Line Conference!

After numerous discussions, we have concluded that holding the event this year in mixed form both in presence (like previous editions) and virtual is more advantageous than postponing it until next year.

The organizing committee of LOD 2020 has decided to run the conference on the dates originally scheduled, and to run it as a hybrid conference:

  • in person for those who can come to Tuscany, and
  • online for those who cannot.

Travels within Europe will be possible again starting June 15 and meetings of larger groups will also be possible in Italy. Hotels are also opening again. The Certosa di Pontignano  (our conference venue) has enough space to obey the safety precautions.

In order to accommodate a large number of situations, we are offering the option for either physical presence or virtual participation. We would be delighted if all authors and participants manage to attend, but are aware that special circumstances are best handled by having flexible options.

The Conference, hence, will be held in presence with virtual rooms  for authors and participants using remote connection (e.g., Zoom or MS Teams). The online lectures  (e.g., live presentations and/or recorded ones) will be made possible.

We will make sure that the sessions are also happening in a live setting, such that the presenters can show and explain their results, and the attendees can ask questions and interact with the presenters. The sessions will be held at a time that permits as many participants from overseas to attend online as possible.

The keynote lectures will be recorded, such that online participants can follow them either live or at any time they like to.

See you (physically or virtually – in 3D or in 2D 🙂 in Tuscany in July!

The LOD 2020 Organizing Committee.


Tuscany, May 24, 2020